Wonderfully Raw and the Success of Coco-Roons: A Story of Inspiration and Innovation


The success of Wonderfully Raw is the result of inspiration, dedication and a personal resolution: to make good health a priority – to, in fact, defeat Type II Diabetes – by creating all-natural foods that appeal to everyone. And therein lies the success of Sequoia Cheney, the Founder of Wonderfully Raw, and the national popularity of Coco-Roons: delicious snacks in a variety of sizes and flavors – from Apple Pie to Brownie to Lemon Pie to Almond Strawberry to Vanilla Maple to Cacao Nib.

These critically and commercially acclaimed low glycemic products, which are also dairy-free and gluten-free, reflect Sequoia’s journey to heal her body and create the types of food she enjoys, which have excellent taste and the finest ingredients.

Indeed, the birth of Wonderfully Raw and the subsequent debut of additional products like Snip Chips and e part of the company’s ongoing mission – thanks, in large part, to the culinary expertise of Eric Hara, Sequoia’s son and renowned chef – where we transform whole categories of snacks, treats and gourmet items into something that is delicious, nutritious and affordable. From that humble beginning – a story about wellness, education and preparing great-tasting foods – rests the foundation for Wonderfully Raw, a brand with loyal fans, positive media recognition and a commitment to using only the finest and most holistic ingredients for the good of everyone.

We encourage readers to join this conversation, and tell us about their discovery of Coco-Roons. More importantly, we will honor these people by showcasing a Fan of the Day: someone who enjoys our products, has a passion for good foods and seeks to promote their own blog, Twitter or Facebook page – and we will reciprocate, and link back to those sites – giving each person a platform and voice for their cause. And, through the efforts of Sequoia and Eric, consumers can expect to see more products, which are delicious and nutritious.

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