The New Wonderfully Raw Website: Wonderfully Interactive and Conversational


The new Wonderfully Raw website is available for your enjoyment – and orders – so our fans and consumers can seamlessly visit the pages for Coco-Roons, Snip Chips and Brussel Bytes, for which each section has valuable product information, details about ingredients and a diverse array of flavors to highlight, Along with the incorporation of social media – including this blog, where we enthusiastically encourage your feedback, comments and participation – Wonderfully Raw can further the conversation that continues to broaden on Facebook and Twitter.


This site also includes the history and personal testimony of Sequoia Cheney, the Founder of Wonderfully Raw, an individual with an inspiring story – which includes a remarkable victory against Type II Diabetes – and a passion for good food. Indeed, that passion is the foundation of the company’s success and ongoing innovation (illustrated by the recent launch of Snip Chips and Brussel Bytes), where we combine the finest ingredients with the best flavors to create something new and delicious. This spirit of reinvention – from snacks to treats to bite-sized items of great taste – distinguishes Wonderfully Raw from other food companies.

Simply stated, we have an intense love for delicious food – the kind the enriches the mind, body and spirit – which guides our decisions, showcases the way we run our in-store demonstrations and respond to questions and requests from consumers. That respect is at the center of our new site, a destination for people who share our emphasis on nutrition, taste, health and personal wellness. And, as this conversation expands and includes people of so many varied interests, we will have an opportunity to educate the public about our products, the advantages we offer and the unmistakably good – no, the wonderfully raw – taste that fills every part of our Coco-Roons, Snip Chips and Brussel Bytes.

Enjoy the new site, and welcome to the world of Wonderfully Raw!

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