Coco-Roons and Delicious Taste: Creating the Perfect Treat


With the increased popularity, from media and consumers alike, Coco-Roons are now a recognizable treat – a delicious one – with a multitude of flavors people crave. In this profile of the product, written by a biochemist and columnist for Health News Digest, the author extols the virtues of the brand and the importance of choosing the right foods, with the right ingredients, so we can make our own wellness a top priority.

That issue has added importance in the aftermath of the American Medical Association’s announcement that obesity is now a disease, as opposed to a condition, in which approximately 300,000 people die from this epidemic each year. Included in that fact are several related complications, like the early onset of Type II Diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.

All of which is a summons to action, to eat better – without sacrificing taste – so we can lead healthier and more productive lives.

Think of Coco-Roons as the ultimate testament to taking the power of raw foods, which are dairy-free and gluten-free (with a low glycemic index), and transforming an entire category of cookies, snacks and treats.

For example: no other brand uses the finest organic maple syrup – with excellent vitamin and mineral qualities – to create the fabulous flavors that make Coco-Roons a one-of-a-kind product. The taste, in this writer’s opinion, is delicious and distinctive.

That is, with just a single bite I know I have something that contains the best ingredients and provides a wonderful feeling. Hence the name for the parent company of Coco-Roons: Wonderfully Raw.

By every measure, this product is a success. Let us know your favorite flavor (or flavors), so we can potentially send you a complimentary selection of Coco-Roons!

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